We present a corpus of findings established during a systematic analysis of a large collection of music information retrieval user studies (compiled in previous research by Lee & Cunningham, 2012, and available here). For more information, see our ISMIR 2016 LBD submission and check out our poster.

Our corpus of findings is coded according to a conceptual framework of relevance interactions. You can explore the corpus using two views: a co-occurrence heatmap, aimed at highlighting areas of the conceptual space that are well-covered, and areas that remain underexplored; and a query interface providing access to findings according to the specific descriptors within our model.

A full journal article is currently in preparation. This work forms part of David M. Weigl's recently completed doctoral research (see Chapter 2), undertaken at the School of Information Studies, McGill University. Please contact us if you would like to contribute new findings to our corpus, have requests for corrections or modifications, and for further information.